Project Description

Throne Chairs

Throne Chairs Must Be Delivered By Our Company. Pricing Does Not Include Delivery or Tax.

White Royal Single Crown
$325.00 $260.00

Silver Royal Single Crown
$325.00 $260.00

Gold Royal Single Crown
$325.00 $260.00

Silver Royal Love Seat
$400.00 $360.00

White Royal Love Seat
$400.00 $360.00

Gold Royal Love Seat
$400.00 $360.00

Stella Crystal Tufted Modern Bench, White
$125.00 $105.00

Sequin Accent Pillows 18″ Different colors available!
$7.00 each

PLEASE NOTE: Above pricing are subject to change without notice and do not reflect delivery or tax. For faster ordering, please call for pricing details and estimates.